Warmth of Heart


books → jane eyre, harry potter, the hunger games, divergent, jane austen, the mortal instruments, the infernal devices, the host, autobiography of malcolm x, tfios

shows → teen wolf, the walking dead, reign, once upon a time, my mad fat diary, game of thrones, orphan black, suits, legend of korra, doctor who, downton abbey, the borgias, sherlock, one tree hill, merlin, atla, lost, the OC, veronica mars

life ruiners → one direction, finn (from mmfd), daniel sharman, peeta mellark, ed sheeran, tobias, matt smith, jace wayland,  

girl crushes → queen victoria, karen gillan, emma stone, selena gomez, jennifer lawrence, sophia bush, cher lloyd

otps → ziam, stonefield, victoria/albert, zutara, brucas, arya/gendry, peetniss, smillan, souffle girl/chin boy, rae x finn,

movies → little women, blue lagoon, the princess bride, a princess for christmas, 

…i probably forgot half of them, so more to come

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